Friday, June 02, 2006

Could you please pass the "blank" family?

OK, I've avoided cheesy titles up until now, but I couldn't resist with this one.

I'm conducting an informal survey to find out what families do people reach for first? When you're getting a project started in Revit, schematic design, deisgn development, whatever phase, what families do you need first, what families are important for putting together a decent looking set of documents?

Please post a comment with your list of top families that you need every day. Please feel free to be more specific that I have been. Being reptitive also counts as I'm interested in prioritizing requests, so even if someone else has posted an item, please post again.

My list starts with the following items (all generic and not manufacturer specific):

Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories
Furniture (block diagrams)
Light Fixtures
MEP - diffusers, sprinklers, etc...
graphic scales

I look forward to everyone's reponse!



Jefesquire said...

Doors ( with symbolic lines for clearances eg 18" on the pull side, 6" away from perpendicular walls)
Bathroom equipment (with symbolic lines for clearances)
Elevators ( dual entry service and passenger)
Fire extinguisher cabinets
MEP rooftop equipment

BH user said...

Well I think you hit the general things that one would need head on so I'll list the things I know I'll eventually need for my K-12 project.

Student desks (a parametric array family)
Office Desks
Conference room tables (parametric of course)
Mechanical roof equipment
Lab (science room) talbes
Teacher's Desks

That's all I know of now but I probably will need more in the future.

BH user said...

Bathroom Stuff
Annotation Objects (titles, labels, tags, graphic scales, north arrows)
Essential furniture (desks, chairs, tables a cahoice of each)
Generic Lab equipment
Some basic mullion and window types and profiles for curtain wall

spmaley said...

Typical Casework (Lab and School Projects)
Typical Legends for sheets such as RCP, Casework, Partition Types, Standard Door details, ADA Heights, Basic items that show up on every project.
Sinks, Keycocks, Faucets