Monday, January 23, 2012

Where have we been?... Busy!!!!

A concerned reader wrote a comment, asking where we went? What hole absorbed us, was everything ok?

The icons all represent something that has been keeping me quite occupied since mid November!

  • Since October 24th, I've been at home for a complete week three times. Other than that I've been on the road for business or the various holidays since then (or AU), and will be on the road this week and next. I finally get a break in Feburary while my babysitting heads west for a month of skiing (grandparents!).
  • Work is busy for me (keeping me on my toes), lots of things on my plate, and we need good (brilliant) people! Also, I will be speaking at an upcoming online event: BIM Spectrum

  • Did you know we have a one year old now! She talks, and talks and walks..... Stairs hold no fear for her!
  • We're doing this silly thing called building a house (and managing the construction)! I've posted pics on G+, I'm a bit behind, windows are all installed, rough stairs are done on the inside, and I've been told (as I write from a location somewhere in N. America) that first floor interior partitions were mostly completed today!