Thursday, June 22, 2006


The training in our DC office for E-Specs went very well yesterday! The team was very impressed by the in person training provided by the company. The CIO came down to do the training, by all reports, he and his team back at the company are very talented Revit users as well as spec writers. The general feeling by the team is that E-Specs is another tool that helps eliminate some of the mundane tasks that go with documenting a building, giving us more time to focus on design. The catch of course is that a program like E-Specs requires disciplined and careful modeling in Revit (garbage in, garbage out). The training took the team through role playing exercises using Revit, to simulate the processes of extracting specification information out of a Revit model to generate an outline spec, and then updating the specification once it has been created. Apparently the next challenge that the team over at E-Specs is taking on, is developing how to put data into the Revit model from your outline specification.

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