Thursday, March 05, 2009

Metamorphic Tag

I have a tag that when I zoom in on it, it seems to change the angle of the symbol once you get past a certain zoom level. Didn't know my tags were shape shifters. :-) Maybe I should just call this tag Odo. (I'm really showing how much of a geek I am and if you know what I'm talking about so are you!)


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Missing Room Tag

This morning I had a teammate come to me and ask why a room was not showing up on her plan. I jumped in to investigate. Here are the parameters of the issue:

-Room & Tag could be placed on a ceiling plan
-Room & Tag could not be placed on Floor plan (received the check your visibility graphics error message)
-Room has all the same parameters as the rooms next to it (workset, height, etc.)

Q: Why would this room tag not show while all the others would?

A: Plan region.

A plan region had been placed in one location of this room to show the clerestory that was above the cut plane. The plan region was bigger then the wall thickness so cut into the space the room was in and was preventing the room from being visible. I don't fully understand why the plan region would do this considering the height the plan region was taken at would also cut through the room. I know of plenty of errors that plan regions seem to cause such as hatches in walls suddenly showing up as the wrong hatch because it has a plan region in one area of the wall. And there are plenty more. Just as a forewarning be careful where & when you use these. It may cause you more grief then it's worth.