Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Figure a Problem Out, Document the Solution, Share...

Project Chronicle Screen Shot: Video & Command Tracks
I have been waiting a year for this Autodesk Labs technology research project to come to fruition, and finally tonight I got the e-mail I'd long been waiting for!

Project Chronicle has gone live!

Chronicle is kinda like Jing for Autodesk products except is also captures actual command data, so that someone watching the video can also "See" exactly what you did, what your settings were/are and when you did it. I'm really intrigued by this technology as I think it is a great way to easily share with people how to perform a task in Autodesk software.

Now it does look like everything is "public" so that means if you have something you want to "keep in your company" you're still going to have to use tools like Jing. Though I do hope that something like Chronicle advances to where we can choose with whom and how we share our "Chronicles".

Happy chronicling!

Edit: I've since been informed that Chronicles can be marked as "private" so you don't have to share with everyone, you can choose to share with specific people. Which is good news, as this person reminded me though, this is hosted by Autodesk Labs. That said, the more people use it and leverage ti, the more likely Autodesk will be to perpetuate it in some form.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Laser scanning: Any monkey can do it

Who says monkeys can't run a laser scanner? Of course we'll have to see if he can make all the clouds register together. It would have been preferable to do the scans before board and plaster went up, but when you're waiting for fun toys to fall off the back of a battleship you can't be too picky!