Thursday, February 14, 2008

2D CAD sucks

I've recently been forced to work on an Autocad project out of neccessity (lack of staff). I have to say that after spending 12 hours attempting to somehow remeber what I'm doing in Autocad, it just plain sucks. I really truly beleive that moving to a non object based Computer Tool like 2D CAD was one of the worst things our industry ever did. We should've stuck with pen & paper until a tool like Revit or Archicad or Tri-Forma came along. At least when we were drafting on paper (or whatever) a person really thought about what it was they were going to represent when that line was drawn, because no one wanted to redraw. With 2D CAD we got the notion of "oh its easy to change". Well yes, its easier to change, but working in 2D CAD has I think also fostered a notion of "we don't really think about what is going on" Now, this is not to say that people don't think when working in CAD, but I think you also can't deny that these ideas do potentially prevade our profession in some form or another, at different levels of intensity. I simply cannot beleive how painful it is to manipulate "stuff" in 2D CAD versus an object modeler like Revit. I am so frustrated by this, I simply want to run from my office screaming....

Sorry this isn't much of an informational post, but I'm somewhat frustrated..