Thursday, June 29, 2006

You "eyedeed it" now how do you find it?

Just had to quickly add to Steve's 6/28/06 post about using the Element ID tools. Select by Id can be really helpful when tracking down the causes and casualties of error messages. However one might ask how do I find one little element in a building? Revit will try to automatically find the "best" view to see an element, but as we know from experience Revit doesn't always pick a very good view, and quite often in large models, it just gives up.

My favorite way to find elements is to open a default 3D view, and turn it to wireframe mode.

Then I do my select by ID operation. This will at least help me narrow down where in the building the element is, because it should be the only "Red" (default selection color) thing in your view of crazy lines of all your objects.

From there you should be able to spin & zoom to narrow down where the element is, and you can do an isolate if you want to, to be able to see the element only.

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