Monday, November 24, 2008

Andersen Windows

Anyone who has been around Revit for awhile knows that a long time ago Andersen Window and door came out with some families that impossibly complex and overbearing. So, since we're modeling/designing our own house, and we want Andersen Windows and Doors, I broke down and built some for myself. I've loaded them up on Revit city, you'll find single, double and triple casements & awnings (which share the same basic details). I followed the 200 series, but that generally matches the 400 series too. I did type catalogs for the casements. They all use a "core" casement or awning family that is shared nested. The cores are built with simple sweeps based on simplified Andersen details, so feel free to make more detailed if you desire. You'll also find simple interior and exterior trim that you can easily modify if you want. Find them here.

Happy Thanksgiving, and see you at AU!

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BIMJim said...

It looks like Andersen is now supporting all of their products in Revit with their Window Studio program. The families are generated and are built from what appears to be the actual detail cross sections. I downloaded their Window Studio program from their web site. The installation added a plug-in to Revit which I used to get into a separate editor that allowed me to select windows, their sizes, options, and combine them with other windows. It then generated a family right in my Revit project. Editing it was just as nice. I had Sketchup installed too and it seems there was a plug-in added there too, but haven't tried that yet.