Friday, April 16, 2010

Revit 2011: Stepped Foundations with Adaptive Components

So, if you want to learn all sorts of impractical for the new Adaptive Components (AC) you can visit Builz. But if you're interested in some more practical applications you've come to the correct place.

I don't know about you, but I've always found modeling stepped footings to be a bit of a pain. There were several techniques, but they all had their drawbacks. I think the newest technique that AC's offer us is the best yet. It is still not perfect, but its quick and easy! This quick demo illustrates some of the flexibility AC's actually offer, and the concept of thinking of the Conceptual Mass Environment as a wrapper for working with these elements.


TrapperB said...

Would love to see what you came up with regarding stepped foundations since I'm a structural engineer. But I'm unable to play your Youtube video. I've never had a problem playing Youtube videos before. Would you take a look and make sure you didn't post the video incorrectly.

Robert said...

Video is fixed.

TrapperB said...

Thanks for fixing the video. Also, nice idea for using Adaptive Components. I'm a little more excited about using Revit 2011 now.

Robert said...

Well thanks!

In the interest of full disclosure the original inspiration came from Zach. But I built the family. Watching his most recent post I need to play with some of the point settings and see if it can flex to be sloped too, and not just orthogonal.

AC's are soooo flexible, it really is just a question of what do you want to try to do? You could make framing with them if you wanted.... it really is "bare bones" parametrics.

Unknown said...

hey Robert,
Is there any way where I could e-mail you? I have a very specific -but complicated problem with custom walls and I would like you to take a look at it?

Robert said...


Not sure what to tell you. You can Private Message me from AUGI (robert.manna). I'll give it a look if I have the time. I can reply to your PM via e-mail.