Friday, October 02, 2009

I'll take a double please....

A double skin that is!

I took a little more then a week, but I finally managed to build a working double skin panel. It still needs some refinements, but it at least works! While this may not be perfect for full on Consrtruction Documents (yet) I think this holds a lot of promise for some of the more practical things you can do with the new tools that showed up in Revit 2010.

Things I've learned (mostly from Zach):
  • Points - its all about locating points! Then creating geometry.
  • Workplanes!
  • Build everything off the corner points.
  • If not the corner points, then driving points on the default reference lines.
  • Did I mention workplanes? "Set" workplane should be your next favorite tool.
  • Dimensions need to be set to specific workplanes too.
  • Did I mention points are important? Make the reference planes of the points visible (properties).
  • Use the reference planes defined by reference lines.
  • The "host point by intersection" is a handy tool.
  • Did I mention points?
  • Workplanes.....

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