Friday, April 24, 2009

Electrical Families 2009 vs. 2010 Comparison

Recently I've been working on a project that required a ton of electrical families. Now before all the engineers out there have a fit, We're doing an interior fit out where we are showing the locations of all the power devices. The MEP engineers are not in Revit so we're have to do this coordinating ourselves.

Because of this I was called upon to create a ton of electrical content for us poor architects and interior designers to use in 2009 mind you. So I open new electrical family and go to town. Only to find out my annotation family I have loaded in doesn't maintain it's orientation. So I go to the "Category and Parameters" to see what I can find:

...... Nothing Useful ......

MEP has this option why don't I?

So with getting 2010 "officially" installed (aka not beta anymore) I figured I'd check out what I get in that.

I can see it .... but I can't check it.

Seriously, what the use is that going to do me? I would rather you had left it not visible at all. That way I could live in ignorant bliss.

The one good thing that has now been added is that I can place MEP connectors in Arch. This option is now available when you create a new electrical family.

While this is useful, I'd also like to be able to maintain the orientation of my annotations. Oh, Revit. Why do you tease me so?


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