Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Construction Delays, but expansion proceeds!

Two large sections of mainline.
So, good weather finally showed up which means construction has come to a stand-still (ironic for a railroad, right). Taking a page from the company I work for the Railroad has decided to expand further via M&A activity! That's right, our little railroad has doubled in size thanks to the acquisition of all track and properties belonging to a neighboring railroad.

The railroad had laid dormant for some time and there was some damage incurred on moving from its original locale to the the house, however the bones are solid and we're looking forward to integrating it into the current plan.

Small fuel dealer/rail customer.
We're most excited by the addition a medium size stub end staging yard as well as a small engine terminal featuring a small turntable (scratch-built no less).

Looking forward to getting the first loop of track laid and running, then figuring out how to integrate the new portions!

Engine terminal.

Staging Yard

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