Wednesday, April 06, 2011

AEC Media Day: Update 8 - What's Phil thinking about...?

Wrapping up with a presentation from Phil Bernstein and a couple of other "industry thinkers" at Autodesk.

What is an architect's role? What are we doing?

  • Pre-fabrication, with the Architect involved
  • Fewer spreadsheets, more data in the model, with better reporting out of the model
  • Using the model to generate "live information" to keep people up-to-date on progress ("live" 4D?)
  • Using BIM to really "digitally prototype" the building (same vein as what Peter was talking about yesterday and plenty of others before them).
  • Challenge the traditional relationship between O, C & AE so that information flows.
I think the best wrap up on what Phil is thinking about is the pic of the slide (coming David.....?) that David has posted on his blog, we need to "change" along three vectors, and Autodesk thinks that its technology solutions are getting closer to fully helping that change.

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