Thursday, September 09, 2010

News!! AU & more!

I'm a speaker at AU2010!

So we've been quiet for quite some time, because there are just sooo many things going in our lives!!!

First off, I will be presenting at AU this year. Two Classes, One Lab and one Virtual Session. Thankfully I have a great supporting cast around me, and each is only an hour long:

  • Parametrics Laid Bare: Panels and Adaptive Components in Autodesk Revit: AB223-1
  • Beyond Project Templates: Managing Company Standards and Best Practices in Autodesk Revit: AB234-4P
  • Au Bon Panel: Baking Your Own Adaptive Components and Panels with Autodesk Revit Architecture: AB316-1L
  • "Virtually" There: Using Revit with Geographically Dispersed Teams: AB22-1R
Hopefully Krista will be co-speaking (via Skype) with me for the Project Templates course, but alas, she may be a little tied up with our new baby who is due on Nov. 13th!!

Lastly, if you have not heard or seen the most recent big news, you may want to read the press release here.

Look for some more posts later this month, but I suspect we will continue to run pretty silent, stay tuned!

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