Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Backups in my Journals! What!!!

So, a new feature that some people may not be aware of in Revit 2008 (supposedly its published somewhere, but I don't remeber reading it). I found this quite accidently when I was messing around with journal files for something else. In the journals folder I found all sorts of rfa and rvt files. At first I thought, maybe Revit creates a Revit file when it crashes and creates a dump file, however that didn't really make very much sense. An inquiry to my contacts at Autodesk revealed the truth. Revit now creates backup files under the journals directory in c:\program files\revit 2008\journals, these backup files are only created when you're working on a file located on a network share or drive. As you can see from my screen shot, I do a great deal of working on networked based files! I will add that this new behavior is not applied to files with worksharing enabled, so no worries about all sorts of duplicate copies of your local or central files being created. That said none of your families are going to have worksets, and in my expereince I'm always working with various experimental files that are not worksetted too, so you may want to keep an eye on this directory. My "problem" with this new behavior is further compounded because I use a piece of software called I-Share Mobliti, its a really great tool in that it essentially replicated (and manages) network resources to my local harddrive. Unlike other tools out there, this tool actually creates a virtual network, so as far as my computer is concerned, I'm always working on the network. This, however creates a problem for me, since my computer thinks I'm on the network, Revit thinks I'm on the network, thus creating all sorts of back-up files. At this time, there is no way to modiy this built in behavior, I wish there were some sort of tweak for the ini that would at least allow you to re-path the directory, however for the moment we're all stuck.

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