Friday, November 17, 2006

Foriegn Training

Ahhhh!!!! Since the beginning of the month things have just been crazy! I was in one of our other stateside offices to give advanced family training to our MEP engineers who are starting to explore Revit systems, and now I'm in our foreign office for about a week to do Revit training with a 20 person team to kick off a new Revit (and first) Revit project here. Thankfully I'm not alone trying to teach 20 people, but the experience has been great! We already have them working in their project files! I've attached a couple of my very poor night pictures, so if you can figure out what its a picture of, you might have chance of determining what country I'm in! In any case I'm back in the states next week (Tuesday) then Thanksgiving, and then AU! I'm looking forward to AU as an intense vacation!

One of our biggest problems in hopping the pond to our foreign office is that we have very little custom Metric content. Though we've very quickly got a project template started for them, and we are working on a titleblock, buts its all very fast and very insane. Before leaving I will be teaching my intensive family training course to users who hadn't even touched Revit until this past week!


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