Thursday, March 06, 2008

Revit 2009 - new feature

So while most people will probably be really excited by the new rendering engine in Revit 2009 (congrats to the Factory BTW). There are lots of other small things that got added. One thing that I stumbled upon, which I don't recall being documented (yet), is a new control handle for wall's who have had their join condition dis-allowed. What is supposed to be particulary useful about this feature is that it is available on wall join conditions that previously we couldn't edit, for instance when you edit the profile of wall, or use the opening tool to create an opening. In either condition there are never any blue circle handles with which to manipulate the wall (makes sense right), thus you couldn't right click to disallow the join. Now, with the new feature you can disallow the join. What is particulary nice is the control becomes available on any wall normal wall end when you disallow the join. This helps to serve as a graphical reminder that a wall join has been dissallowed, when a user says "hey, why isn't this wall join working!"

See the images for more detail:

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coreed said...

can't really read the text on the images posted. great site, i always enjoy reading what you have to say