Sunday, March 23, 2008

Comment Moderation

Hi all,

I've had to enable comment moderation as apparently I must have used some "key" words in my most recent posts. I've had several spam comments I've had to remove. Therefore with moderation enabled there may be some delay on comments appearing on the blog after you've posted.


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Becky said...

OK Robert, it was bound to happen at some point, (this is your wife's friend Becky BTW). I have a question in a big way...
I have a lighting fixture family that uses the parameter type - " (Family Type...), which from what I've gathered allows you to exchange different nested items of that family type in and out of your main family through a pull down menu.
The original problem was that the nested inside piece of the light fixture that gets changed in and out is a generic model and uses a generic model family type parameter to switch the nested items. When you place it in our project model, stuff doesn't show up right and line weights are off, (b/c it's a generic model not a light fixture)...
Anyways... I was wondering if you knew how to use this parameter?
Hope all is well -Becky Z