Monday, July 02, 2012

RTC NA wrap up, final thoughts

Home again, and back at the office... :-(

RTC NA was great (again) and the organizers deserve plenty of credit for putting on a great show! James does a great overview post on his blog (with some fantastic inside quotes).

In case you have not heard, next year's will be in Vancouver Canada (hence the NA and not USA). As well as the first European conference in Delft Holland and AUS is going to New Zealand!

Now some may be thinking (because I already heard mutterings) that Canada might be prohibitive for Americans because air flights into Canada have a habit of "jumping" in cost compared to a similar domestic flight in the lower 48. Might I suggest you consider flying into Seattle and renting a car (3 hr drive). If you bring your family it will be a great vacation, or if you pair up with some fellow Revit junkies from your area you can split the cost on the car.

The locations chosen for RTC tend to be very family friendly, and its nice to see everyone in such a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The upper northwest is a beautiful part of North America if you've never visited, and given the time frame (mid July) it should be a great time to visit and make a vacation of it! I know we had a great time going to Atlanta early, hanging out then having some great Revit and BIM conversations and seeing some excellent presentations!

Our own lab went really, really well. As a bit of a teaser for the material you missed out on, this is a short supplementary video I put together for the lab. Start planning now! If I had to choose between AU and RTC, and I considered myself an expert user, looking to learn from the top of class experts, I would pick RTC!


Jim Balding said...

I did a check on flight cost and it was $498 from ATL to Vancouver with 2 month notice. That seems reasonable.

Robert said...

I agree, that is pretty reasonable.

One important note for everyone out there, don't forget you need a Passport or Passport Card to enter Canada, regardless of form of transportation!

Robert said...

On the other hand out of Boston for which there is no direct into Vancouver prices start in the low $700's, whereas Seattle is running in the $400's. Assuming a rental for a week is about $300, with split cost it might be worth it if you don't mind the drive.

Wesley Benn said...

Not bad advice really - for the last few years (if I am coming direct from Australia rather than from Europe first) Jim Balding, Steve Stafford and I have driven from LA to LV. It's about the same distance, and it gives us a great opportunity to have a chat and catch up on the face to face socaial side of a relationship otherwise carried out at (very) long distance. ...and I have done enough flying at that point anyway!