Sunday, March 28, 2010

Screencast Bandwidth Limitations

Hey all,

Just as a warning, apparently I have a limit on bandwidth transfer for my Screencast account, and given the length, size and (apparent popularity) I'm at risk of maxing out (which means you won't get to watch my videos).

So dealing with YouTube was not so bad. One more video uploading, but the rest are there and "live".

YouTube was out, as they won't take SWF files, same with Vimeo. I'm investigating options, but if anyone has suggestions throw up a comment. If anyone has some spare server space and bandwidth, I'll take that too.

Thanks to Kyle's tip on a conversion program, we're back in business. Videos uploaded to YouTube. I may have to give up on Jing do to what seems to be slightly poor conversion quality from SWF to FLV to YouTube. But, it should be good enough that you get the idea.



KyleB said...

Go download Handbrake and convert those SWF files to a format YouTube accepts!

Kyle B

Robert said...

Thanks for the tip Kyle!

Downloading Now!

KyleB said...

I guess I spoke to soon. SWF seems to be about the only format Handbrake doesn't accept as a source.

However, seems to be the tool you're looking for.


Jonathan Ludwig said...

Don't give up on Jing just yet. If you upgrade to Jing Pro for a paltry $15 per year, you can save your videos in MPEG4 format, and better yet, upload directly to YouTube from Jing.

- Jon