Tuesday, December 01, 2009

AU First Day

AU officially underway. Yesterday was the second annual Computational Design Symposium hosted by Robert Aish. It was interesting just like last year with some excellent presenters, well worth it if you can make it next year. The evening was full of various mixers and socials, Speaker and Blogger Socials and the AEC mixer. What was quite interesting is several of us got a chance to chat with Carl Bass (ADSK CEO) at the speaker social, turns out the software he uses the most is Inventor, and he rated himself as a “fair” Revit user. Not bad for a CEO I guess, ;-)

The rest of the night was quite nice catching up with folks from across the country. Got some good tidbits out of folks from the factory, but of course I can’t share… ;-). All I can say is that I continue to look forward to future releases of Revit both this coming year’s (2010) and future years.

Class today not too bad. Interesting and picked up some good tips and thoughts. The conference keynote was excellent hopefully the AEC keynote will be as good. The technology behind Avatar.... just plain cool!

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