Friday, September 25, 2009

Classic Roman Architecture anyone...?

This started as a little "show & tell" to Zach, and now its a movie... (mine didn't work nearly as well as his).

I think this goes further to suggust what you can do with these tools to handle complex geometry we just could not model before. Easy? No! Cool? Yes!

Further disclaimer - Zach made the video, not me. I just got the conversation started..... (my panel didn't work nearly as well as his)


Unknown said...

Agreed, Easy, no, Cool, yes! My six year old son said he didn't think much of the music though! We start the Revit brain washing young in our household! :-)

Robert said...


Talk to Zach about the music, he is the true genius here, just calling attention to it. I think we'll see something on his blog in short order.