Thursday, May 07, 2009

2010 Graphic Error

This may just be my machine but when I switch scales I get the following image until I hover over the button with my mouse.


Edit: This happens with both hardware acceleration turned on and off.


Jason Grant said...

I get that also... are you using hardware acceleration? I currently have it off.

James Van said...

Yes, I get the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get the same problem,(same on 2 machines).

William Sutherland said...

Yes, even though I use Metric content and units I see Imperial scales overlapping in the display momentarily.

Seems to be harmless though.

Anonymous said...

Same Issue as Robert - doesn't matter is HardWare acceleration is on or off. Willsud - Revit will always momentarily display imperial measurement when opening a file, the programme is imperial even though we fool it into displaying metric units.