Thursday, December 11, 2008

And now there are two: Part 1

In the beginning there was only Robert blogging. Now there are two.

Finally, after a long week at AU and pushing for a deadline as soon as I got back, I get to post my first post on this blog.

As some avid readers of this blog (and people I met at AU) already know Robert is my husband. So because most of you know his story let me first start off by telling you a little about myself.

I grew up in Albany, NY. I met Robert while attending RPI in Troy, NY. Came to work in Philadelphia, seeing as I wanted to actually live with my husband and he graduated first so I had no choice of location. I started working for a small 5 person residential firm in the area. After about a year I decided that I wanted to work on larger projects so I started working for Burt Hill with Robert. My first two weeks there I was thrown onto their first Revit project 2 weeks before CD’s were due. Talk about sink or swim strategy. :-) I fell in love with the program and have been an avid “evangelist” ever since. I now work for NELSON, a 500 person mostly interiors firm implementing Revit. Currently, we have two projects in Revit (well we’re back to one now that my deadline is over). The ongoing project is a 200,000 s.f. ground up project where we are doing the interiors only.

Now that I got that out of the way now on the more interesting topics: AU Unplugged. I really enjoyed my first speaking engagement at AU this year. It was a little nerve racking seeing as I’m not the best public speaker (thus why I’ve been staying out of the limelight thus far). But for some reason when I got that Unplugged email I felt compelled to submit.

It was really interesting to hear the debate about how much people model vs. don’t model. Some people were under the category of modeling everything save you time. Others were under the modeling everything makes the files too big. Both are very valid points. As far as me, I fall somewhere in between. If I’m going to cut a ton of sections through stuff or I’m going to render something, I tend to model it. But for other stuff, such as public bathrooms, nobody cares if they see the toilets in 3d. I mean unless you’ve designed some really hot looking bathroom, you’re not going to need to render it. By the way, I was on a project where we did end up rendering the bathrooms to show the client.




Jake Boen said...

I guess if no one else will say it: WELCOME! Can't wait to hear more and see your work.

craig barbieri said...

Finally! It'll be nice to have someone who knows what she's talking about, contributing to this blog!
Just kidding of course!
I'm sure it'll be twice as good now!