Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AU 2008 UnConference

If you follow the AU blog you know the UnConference Schedule has been released. This is the second annual UnConference at AU and for a second year in a row I will be running a session. You can also find out more information here.

My session this year is entitled: Size Doesn't Matter: A Discussion on Strategies for Complex Revit Projects Large and Small

So what would I like to see this discussion all about? In the last four years of working with Revit, I've come to realize that any number of conditions—such as multiple design firms, Integrated Project Delivery, multiple 3D models, phasing or early bid packages—can transform a straightforward design job into a knotty Revit problem. In that time I've discussed, observed and participated in several projects exploring a variety of techniques to address these issues.

This session is meant to be an active conversation by the attendees about their experiences and expertise. This will allow a broader and more detailed discussion of what works, what doesn’t, and when and where various strategies are appropriate. I'm expecting participants to use example project and conditions from their experiences to focus on Revit techniques, which may be influenced by hardware considerations but are fundamentally about selecting approaches when working in Revit. Be prepared to actively participate if you come.

My wife Krista will also be running her own UnConfernece session: Pros & Cons of 3D
Modeling vs. 2d Detailing in Revit

Hope to see you there.

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