Friday, March 09, 2007

Its been awhile... Using your Project Browser & Project Template

Yes I know, I've been AWOL for quite sometime. quite busy here are my firm, so that is how life goes sometimes.

Recently I've been working on several project, news doors, re-visiting standardized casework and updating our project template.

Today I want to focus on a very minor change I've made to our project template. I've added two shared parameters, one called "view classification" to which it is assinged views, and the other "sheet classification". The purpose of these two new parameters is quite simple, it allows us to sort/filter our project browser by both. In the case of views, each view would get classified under 4 or 5 typical "categories"; Coordination, Presentation, Documentation, Working and CA (Construction Administration). While similiar information is conveyed in a number of ways via a number of other parameters in views, this makes it very easy to set up a Project Browser filter to quickly sort out all the views under these "global" headings. Coordination views would be preset views that would generally be exported to DWG for coordination with outside consultants. I think the next two speak for themselves, Working are the views that we encourage team members to actually "work in", this is typically quite important for floor plans, and sections (where your docuementation sections might be split and moved with break-lines added, etc...). Construction Administration is of course for the random extra views that get created during that process. Teams are welcome to define different, new or more classifications as they see fit. For sheets we start the team out with two classifications, Documentation and Presentation, I suspect however that most teams will find it handy to create a third "CA" when the time is right for their project. Once again the intent here is to get a team started by providing a simple set-up in our projec template. Hopefully teams will take this concept and run with it, and make it their own.


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