Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Job Opportunity (position filled)

The job has filled, thanks for the interest.

So.... my firm (whose name I tend to leave off this blog) is seeking a highly motivated proffesional to move to our foriegn office to provide (I hate to say it) 2D Autocad management, and...... BIM & Revit management. We have recently launched our first Revit projects in the office (see earlier blog post), and the staff is very excited to begin using this new tool. Right now we have architects, interior designers and structural engineers working in Revit in our overseas office. The office is composed of highly motivated staff working on some of the largest and most interesting projects in the country. The ideal canidate should have experience in managing 2D CAD, experience with Revit and be highly motivated to work with a BIM implementation team to move our 700 person firm towards 100% use of BIM by.......... (trust me its soon) :).

Please feel free to contact me via AUGI private message, or contact the firm directly.



Daniel Hurtubise said...

How do i reach you ?

Robert said...


I have replied to you via AUGI e-mail option. Please check your e-mail.


Chris said...

Why are none of these opportunities ever in Australia...

Would love to apply...

Robert said...

Ahhhh, come on... our foreign office isn't that far away from where you are, the US is further away. We are actually going to be placing an add in one of the papers in Australia, made a contact at AU who told us where to advertise.