Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Construction Administration & Blog upgrade

You might notice a few differences, I took the plunge and upgraded my blog to the current Beta, I like it a little better, and I hope you do to. If you're not using IE or Firefox you may have problems viewing the blog, sorry folks, blogger says they're working to fix it all.

Construction Administration (CA) of a Revit project seems to be becoming a hot topic. There have been a couple of threads, some new, some ressurected, showing up on AUGI. Currently because of our average project sizes we are reccomending that projects should expect to export a full set of DWG documents when the Construction Documentation (CD) phase has ended. Generally we've found that while plans export very well, and sections generally do, we find that we need to do clean-up on elevations, and some general housekeeping on the other views. While on a very large project, it might take week to do this, we think its worth it. So far, from what we've seen when you have a large revit project, on a tight site, with a tight schedule, and unforseen conditions (that never happens right ;) ), Revit just doesn't lend itself to quickly producing RFI sketches and addendum. We want to keep the Revit model involved, but at the same time we need to face the realistic needs of our project teams.

Furthermore, the other kink in Revit is not being able to have a view on more than one sheet, this makes it very hard to issue an addendum sketch, and have the same drawing on the original sheet. There are some lenghty dicussions on AUGI about this topic, but suffice is to say, work arounds are just sometimes a pain. CA is fraught with enough difficulties, we don't need to make it harder for our own staff.

Hopefully Autodesk will find time to address this portion of Revit's use, and of course we will continue to encourage them to do so. :)


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