Saturday, September 30, 2006

Return from the dead.... BIM planning!

So... I've been AWOL for a month, between deadlines & a wonderful vacation to San Francisco and Napa Valley I was a bit busy. :). However lots has been going on in the world of BIM at my firm.

First! Well there was stuff here, but it went away, if you were lucky enough to read it, well you were lucky. If not, sorry, come work at my firm, you'll learn even more.

substitue text, not quite as interesting sorry:

We continue our efforts to document our procedures and how to use Revit on a project. We have developed written documents that help a project team to determine if a project should be done in BIM & Revit. Once that decision is made we've developed documents meant to assist the project team in getting started, and things they should do as they're project moves ahead. We are also working on developing in house resources to better share ideas, tips and techiques between all our offices, that encourage the participation of everyone, and not just the BIM team.

More to come this week... I have some other great stuff. If you all are curious I will be at AU this year (my first :) ) needless to say I'll be in Revit classes, as will several other folks from my firm, looks like we'll have about 4-5 people at AU.


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